College-Bound Student-Athletes 


The picture is of my son Marcel, with one of many hard-won soccer trophies. He started playing soccer at three years old and, with hard work and determination, become a STATE CHAMPION with the brilliant Naperville North Soccer Team. Parents, you have watched you student play their favorite sports since they were three or four. Cheered them on from the sidelines in all weather and conditions, win or lose. They have risen to be great team players, MVP, quarterfinalist, regional finalist, and reached the State Champions heights. You can see your student playing college sports, but more importantly, they can see themself playing for a college that will make their college years even more meaningful.   

Sophomore Game Plan

The second semester of your sophomore is when preparing for college recruitment begins. Throughout the process students will learn techniques for goal setting, time management, and organization. Engaging in this process, early enables students to create a tangible plan, feel a sense of control over the decision-making process, and take personal responsibility for creating future opportunities. The key to success is to remember that this process is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, and the journey starts with a plan. We will educate you and your student about academic eligibility, recruiting, and athletic programs for NCAA Division l ll, ll, and NAIA.  Spending time each month can open doors you never thought possible that lead you to a collegiate student-athlete experience of a lifetime.

Junior Game Plan

College sport positions and athletic scholarships are not available to everyone. You should be aware that most student-athletes will not be able to play Division 1 sports. There are too many athletes and only so many Division 1 schools. However, the vast majority of colleges or universities are not Division 1 schools, yet they have very competitive sports programs. You or your student-athlete will have to meet some important conditions to get to the next level. A significant group of student-athlete competitors seeks to fill college sports positions and potential scholarship offers. You may be a "star" athlete at your high school, but you will need to know how you match up with other high school star athletes around the country. We will help create a student-Athlete profile, teach how to promote yourself to college coaches, and communicate with college coaches.  

Senior Game Plan

To compete at the college level, coaches are looking for a student-athlete who possesses the appropriate sport-specific tools such as strength, speed, hitting, hitting for power, fielding, etc. After that, they look at character and mental toughness that make up the will-to-win attitude following failure, performance under pressure, respect for family and teammates. : Regardless of how talented your athletic abilities are, Your GRADES will make the biggest difference in admissions and financial aid outcomes!