Guiding You Through the College Admissions Process

At LF Educational Consulting in Naperville, Illinois, we try to provide as much knowledge as we can to make the college admission process simple. We advise students on how to build an impressive resume with the right programs and extracurricular activities. Also, turn to us for personal statement and college essay help.

Freshman Program

This four-year program is for high school freshmen who plan to attend college. We ensure they are taking the appropriate curriculum during high school and we help identify and recommend extracurricular activities that explore students' core interests and enhance their resumes. Determining students' interests help them choose college majors. Most importantly, we help students stay positive while they achieve their educational goals.

Sophomore Program

Building on the freshman program, we work to refine courses and identify the student's college preferences. Then, we look at the requirements of those colleges and address any academic red flags, such as whether the student is struggling with a particular class. We help them maintain confidence in their academic and personal goals, while encouraging them to start building their college lists and reviewing college application strategies. In preparation for the application process, students are asked to fill out mock applications.

Junior Program

Our program intensifies during junior year because this is the year, as well as senior year, that colleges want to see your transcripts. Together, we review the student's high school career and start maximizing their strengths. Students will continue to build a college list and hopefully finalize it while creating resumes and brainstorming about their college essays and personal statements. This is the time to begin creating a timeline for senior year to ensure everything is in order.

Senior Program

Seniors are encouraged to start solidifying their college lists and preparing for college applications during the summer. Whether they should apply for early decision or not will be part of our discussions.

Seniors also will:
Finalize Resumes | Prepare for Admission Interviews | Write and Revise Personal Statements
Work on Application Supplements | Finalize Applications