College Admission Warning: Dont Give Up Now Seniors!

CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the class of (insert year) at (insert college name)....”

This is often as far as the excited college applicant reads in their acceptance letter. Even if you did read the next few sentences, rarely does the warning stand out. The wording differs from school to school, but usually, it reads something like this: “Keep working hard because we will be doing a final transcript review at the end of the year and your offer of admission is contingent upon the successful completion of high school with the same commitment to excellence that you demonstrated in your application.” In other words, “don’t take your foot off the gas, beware of your actions, and don’t screw this up!”

But what really happens if you do not hold up your end of the deal? Perhaps your grades sink, you face disciplinary trouble, or you make a misstep on social media. You are likely to receive a letter stating that your acceptance is in jeopardy. Yes, this does occur and most high school counselors and college admission deans have examples from unfortunate experiences where seniors have slipped. These instances can seem hypothetical, so I asked colleagues to share some specific examples and advice.

Let Us Count the Ways

There is not only one reason that a student could have their admission revoked. It is at the discretion of the school to determine when you have, or have not, upheld the same standards as when you were admitted. The following are circumstances that high school counselors shared in which a student lost their admission:

·  Arrested on drug charges.

·  Punched another 12th grader in the face in the second semester.

·  Falsified their high school record.

·  Dropped rigor in the classes that they were taking.

·  Grades fell seriously and the explanation that the student provided- was not enough to explain or provide context.

·  Violated the Early Decision agreement by applying to several schools ED.

·  Inappropriate social media activity.

·  Assault of a sexual nature.

·  Dismissed from high school for threatening a community member.

·  Admission to a UK college was rescinded for falling short of the predicted results in the IB exam.

This is certainly not a comprehensive list. As a general rule, if you find yourself asking whether some action will cause you to jeopardize your admission to college, don’t do it! by Brennan Barnard