Try to Stay Calm While Waiting for Admission Decisions

Although applicants have already done the “hard” part by compiling their submissions, sometimes waiting can feel like the most challenging component of the process.

While staying in limbo isn’t easy for anyone, there are a couple of steps students can take to ease their nerves and stay calm while awaiting results. Keep reading to learn how you can maintain a level head while looking out for admissions outcomes from your top choice schools.

Trust the Process

Students who have done their due diligence and applied to a balanced list of best-fit schools don’t have anything to worry about. While it’s natural to have your sights set on your top choice option, don’t forget that each school on your list has its own array of exciting opportunities. Instead of fixating on the most selective school on your list, get excited about the potential to attend any of the schools you have applied to. Remember that each institution has something to offer and trust that admissions officers will recognize and reward what you’re bringing to the table.

Focus on the Positives

It can be easy to dwell on the negatives surrounding the admissions process, but try to look at everything with a positive spin. Yes, it can feel scary to be unsure about your next steps, but it’s also exciting knowing that a major transition awaits. Wherever you ultimately choose to attend college will be an exciting opportunity for you to expand your horizons, deepen your knowledge of your current passions, and discover new interests and pursuits. Cherish these last few days before admissions outcomes are announced and strive to live in the moment as much as possible.

Reconnect With Your Passions

To avoid fixating entirely on college admissions results, reconnect with whatever brings you the most joy. Stop checking your email frantically and pick up a paintbrush, practice your soccer skills, or take an hour to reread part of your favorite book. Yes, the college admissions process is time-consuming and important, but it’s also essential to make time for activities that are entirely unrelated to it. Come back to your passions and give yourself a chance to unwind by doing what you love.

Reach Out to Friends

You’re not the only one awaiting admissions results; it’s likely that your friends are too. Share your feelings with your peers and offer to support each other during this challenging time. Connecting with peers, even if it’s just a group video call, can help take your mind off of upcoming admissions decisions and serve as an outlet when you need someone to talk to.

Give Yourself Time to Cope

Regardless of what kind of college admissions news you receive, anticipate that you will need time to take it all in. Acceptances, waitlists, and rejections all come with their own host of emotional responses and next steps to take. Understand that coping with these admissions outcomes is part of the growth process and trust that with time and support, you will be able to handle whatever admissions news comes your way.