Top Five Things Rising Seniors Can Do This Summer  

v  Write a generic admission essay Applying for college can take up as much time as a regular class during the senior year. By preparing a generic essay in advance that can be tailored to different applications, the student can spend more time on studies and extracurricular activities once school begins.


v  Complete one college admission application. This application can serve as the prototype for all other applications. The Common Application is accepted by hundreds of colleges and may be a good place to start.


v  Collect reference letters Normally reference letters come from junior year teachers who have taught the student for the last full year. Teachers usually appreciate having the extra time over the summer to write a reference when the memory of the student’s achievements is fresh. 

v  Develop a preliminary list of colleges Call, write, or use the Internet to request information. Some colleges may even give out names of alumnus in the student’s neighborhood who may be willing to share experiences. Use this information to create a list of colleges to consider. 

v  Planning to take SAT or ACT; However, may sure you do so safely. If SAT or ACT prep courses are planned sign up early. Check the College board and ACT websites to make sure testing sites are open.