SIX Types of Students who Benefit from IEC Guidance

All students benefit from the opportunity to seek a well-matched college setting through one-on-one GUIDANCE with an experienced and professional independent educational consultant (IEC) Here are SIX types of students who benefit from IEC guidance

1 High-achievers: Students who “does everything well” and are under a great deal of pressure to choose the “right” college. It’s important for high achieving students to evaluate their strengths, weakness, and goals deliberately to find well-suited colleges. Students with stellar credentials need the most help preventing others from making up their minds for them.

2 First-generation college students:The first-generation college students we have worked with have exceptional parental support for achieving high school goals. However, they know the college admission process is a puzzle, and they need our guidance and expertise to ensure an enjoyable transition from high school to navigating the college admission process.

Students who know: Students with specific skills and interests benefit from tailored advice. Students planning to pursue fine arts majors (such as dance, music, or art) will typically need to take additional steps to earn college admission. Any student with a firm career plan benefits from tailored guidance.

Student-athletes: The college admission process for student-athletes is two-fold, comprising both an academic and athletic evaluation. We can help to make sure they meet all the deadlines.

5 Students of Busy parents: In most families, both parents work full time. Finding time to understand and manage the college admission process poses a challenge.

Under-motivated students: Families that seek support early in high school (freshman or sophomore year), often are more concerned with academic motivation, with an eye on securing college admission. We meet with freshmen and sophomores once per quarter (when grades come out) to work on career exploration, set goals, and discuss strategies for success related to time management, minimizing stress, and managing competing priorities.