Early Admission Plan Changes for the Class of 2026

Most schools have completed their updates for the 2021-22 admission cycle (Class of 2026), and several of the changes we've observed are worth noting. 

Roughly 25 schools have modified early admission options available to applicants this fall.  Notable changes include the resumption of Restrictive Early Action at Princeton, the introduction of Early Decision 2 at Carnegie Mellon, Emerson and Loyola Marymount, and the removal of Early Decision 2 at Syracuse University.

If you're considering early admission, be sure to check out our list as it may impact how you decide to apply this fall.   Note to our subscribers: the data has already been incorporated into the product, simply re-run College Kickstart to see how it impacts your plan.


Class of 2026 Admission Plan Changes

                         InstitutionEA1EA2REAED1ED2         Comments
Berea College    EA2 added
Carnegie Mellon University    ED2 added
Earlham College    ED1 removed
Emerson College    ED2 added
Endicott College    EA2 added
Florida Southern College   EA1 added
Loyola Marymount University    ED2 added
Lynn University    EA2 added
Monmouth University    ED1 added
Mount St. Mary's University - MD    EA2 added
Nazareth College    ED2 removed
Princeton University    SCEA reinstated
Quinnipiac University    EA2 removed
St. Louis University   EA1 and ED1 added
St. Olaf College    EA1 added
Salve Regina University    ED1 added
SUNY Geneseo    ED2 added
Stetson University    ED1 added
Stonehill University    EA2 added
Sweet Briar College   EA1 replaced with ED2
Syracuse University    ED2 removed
University of Lynchburg   ED1 replaced with EA2
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities    EA2 added