AP 2021 Update

The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed the ways many teachers deliver instruction and many students learn. Since widespread disruptions began in March of 2020, the AP and higher education communities have guided the creation of options for supporting teachers and students.

We’ve made decisions that prioritize the health and safety of educators and students while preserving opportunities for motivated students to earn college credit. Rather than offering a single testing approach that would serve only some students and educators well, we are offering a variety of testing options that reflect the unique characteristics of each exam and the preferences we've heard from AP teachers, coordinators, and school leaders.

Some students may be unsure of their readiness for the AP Exam. AP Daily: Live Review sessions, April 19–29, can help students review course content and skills before exams. In addition, we’re waiving all cancellation fees to give students utmost flexibility.

2021 Exam Schedule

The new 2021 AP Exam schedule provides three testing dates for each subject between early May and mid-June.

Administration 1: May 3–7, 10–12, 14, and 17
In School

Traditional, full-length paper and pencil exams, administered in school, for all subjects.

Administration 2: May 18–21, 24–28
In School and At Home

Half of the subjects are paper and pencil, administered in school, and half are full-length digital exams, administered in school or taken at home due to coronavirus precautions.

Administration 3: June 1–4, 7–11
In School and At Home

Most subjects are full-length digital exams only, administered in school or taken at home due to coronavirus precautions.