One of the most important steps in the college admissions process is deciding which schools to apply to. For high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, it’s never too early to think about where they might want to apply. Doing some in-depth research can help students determine what they may w...

Are you in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions? For many of us, a brand new year signals an opportunity to take a look at how things are going for us, and – if needed – make necessary changes. Here are a few college-specific ideas:

1. Get more sleep. While this is probably not on many col...

WASHINGTON — Today, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos delivered on her promise to provide students more information than ever before as they make decisions about their postsecondary education options. Thanks to the groundbreaking redesign of the College Scorecard, students can now find cus...
With more than 50,000 total students for the first time in university history, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has welcomed a record-breaking freshman class for the start of the 2019 academic year. The new freshman class is also the largest, most academically talented, and most di...
NACAC strip provisions from the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice that may violate antitrust laws. The move is designed to end pressure from the Justice Department, but what will the impact be on the admissions landscape?

1-Failing to Read Directions

Robert Barkley, Clemson University's director of undergraduate admissions, says some U.S. applicants misunderstand a prompt asking International students to provide their student visa information.

"In one case, we got Bank of America. And where we a...

An average of 7.25% of all applicants to Ivy League schools was admitted in Fall 2018.

Harvard accepted just 5% of all applicants in 2018.

MANY STUDENTS DREAM OF attending one of the colleges in the elite Ivy League for their undergraduate education.

Naperville Award Program Honors the Achievement

Loren Francis Founder LF Educational Consulting has been selected for the 2019 Best of Naperville Award in the Independent Educational Consultant category by the Naperville Award Program.

Follow the application directions, no matter what.

This isn’t the time to showcase your creativity by adding pictures, unsolicited letters, art, or other extras. To put it simply, if colleges don’t ask for it, don’t provide it.

LF Educational Consulting has helped students get accepted to the following colleges/universities. Seniors, we wish you continued success as you begin your college journey. Remember, it's you that brings the magic to the college campus.

Students who earn good grades do all the basics: go to class, do the homework, and ask for help.

GOOD GRADES CAN OPEN many doors in college: scholarships, acceptance into certain majors, and better chances of getting into graduate school.

For the last four years, I have presented the College Admission Process to the TARGET INTERNS at world-renowned FERMILAB. They are a group of outstanding high school students that have been chosen for their brilliant minds and love of all things STEM. Thank you, Fermilab.

A campus visit is the best way to evaluate whether a college suits you.

Taking any test is difficult. That's a fact. The redesigned SAT has its own set of rules that you must know in order to score well. Fortunately, the test tips here will maximize your time because they follow the SAT rules.

Write a generic admission essay. Applying for college can take up as much time as a regular class during the senior year. By preparing a generic essay in advance that can be tailored to different applications, the student can spend more time on studies and extracurricular activities once school ...

Graduation has come and gone, and the Class of 2020 is now prepared to rule the school.  Since life as a senior means thinking about what comes next, what can this year’s college admission trends tell us about next year’s application season? 

Counselors will look at grades and test scores. They will also consider learning styles, and whether a student might do better in a smaller, more personalized college or a larger university. When our son Mark was in high school, we hired a college consultant — someone to help us navigate the com...

At a time when student loan debt is at a historic high-Americans owed $1.5 trillion for higher education according to 2018 Federal Reserve data, more than car loans or credit card debt-and the debate about the cost of a college education has become one of the hot button issues for the 2020 elect...

LF Educational Consulting has helped students get accepted to the following colleges/universities. Seniors, we wish you continued success as you begin your college journey. Remember, it's you that brings the magic to the college campus.

Experts say work ethic alone isn't enough, as employers are looking for candidates with a range of interpersonal skills.

According to HR professionals, teamwork and communication skills are among those that employers value highly.